Latest GOs:      

GO.Ms.Nos.67 Dt.14-11-13 Salary for the strike period of seemandhra teachers  

GO.Ms.Nos.65 Dt.12-11-13 Rules for selection of Teaching Staff in Private DIETs  

GO.Rt.Nos.4026 Dt.12-11-13 CPS state govt's matching contribution Rs.30crores released for the year 2013-14  

GO.Ms.Nos.174,175,176 Dt.01-11-13 Health Cards Guidelines  

GO.Ms.No.63 Dt.28-10-13 Regulation of Admisions in Diploma in Elementary Edn Course thru Comon Entrance Test(DEECET) in DIETs Rules-2013  

GO.Ms.No.294 Dt.26-10-13 DA Enhanced from 54.784% to 63.344%  

GO.Ms.No.60 Dt.24-10-13 implementation of CCE in all schools  

GO.Ms.No.24 Dt.21-10-13 Modification of Pre-school timings  

GO.Ms.No.22 Dt.04-10-13 Pre-Matric Scholarship to BC students of class IX & X from 2013-14  

GO.Ms.No.425 Dt.27-9-13 Salaries of Visakha & Vijayawada TEaching & Non-Teaching staff under 010 Head  

GO.Ms.No.52 Dt.28-8-13 Enhancement of cooking cost of Mid Day Meals wef 1-7-2013  

GO.Ms.No.730 Dt.21-8-13 Constitution of committee to select State Best Teachers for 2013  

GO.Ms.No.233 Dt.13-8-13 Sanction of 2825 Teachers posts in Ashram School under TW Dept  

GO.Ms.No.199 Dt.30-7-13 APGLI premium Deduction from the date of payment of First month salary  

GO.Rt.No.1204 Dt.22-7-13 Amendment to GO.1197 regarding Remuneration  

GO.Rt.No.1197 Dt.20-7-13 GP Elections-Enhanced Rates Payable to the Polling Personnel  

GO.Ms.No.189 Dt.10-7-13 APGLI Common Proposal Form for Fresh & Enhancement  

GO.Ms.No.187 Dt.9-7-13 Contribution of Half Day BP to CMRF from July-2013 Salary  

GO.Rt.No.1127 Dt.8-7-13 Declaration of Public Holiday on the day of Poll of GP Elections  

GO.Ms.No.183 Dt.2-7-13 Permision to fill 24,078posts includng 20,508 posts for DSC-2013  

GO.Ms.No.182 Dt.2-7-13 Filling of 33,226 vacant posts through Direct Recruitment  

GO.Ms.No.57 Dt.2-7-13 Guidelines for Pre-Matric Scholarships to V-VIII SC Students  

GO.Ms.No.180 Dt.2-7-13 Telangana Employs Half Day Basic to CMs Relief Fund  

GO.Ms.No.181 Dt.2-7-13 State Govt Retired Employs 1 Day Basic to CMs Relief Fund  

GO.Rt.No.1077 Dt.1-7-13 Remuneration to polling personnel for PR Elections  

GO.Ms.No.518 Dt.29-6-13 Relaxation of Upper Age limit upto 36yrs in Direct Recruitments  

GO.Ms.No.41 Dt.19-6-13 AP RTE Rules-2010 Amendments - SMC Formation Rules  

GO.Ms.No.40 Dt.18-6-13 Rationalisation Annexures of Aided Schools  

GO.Ms.No.40 Dt.18-6-13 Rationalisation in Aided Schools  

GO.Ms.No.142 Dt.17-6-13 8% interest per annum on the CPS contributions of the employees & matching contributions of the Govt for the legacy period from 01-04-2011 upto the period of the legacy data is uploaded  

GO.Rt.No.2400 Dt.17-6-13 State Govt Employs CPS matching contribution by State Govt  

GO.Ms.No.39 Dt.17-6-13 Aided schools Rationalisation- Certain Amendments to GO.1 of 1-1-1994  

GO.Ms.No.138 Dt.13-6-13 Dearness Relief to pensioners wef 01-01-2013  

GO.Ms.No.136 Dt.11-6-13 New DA @54.784% wef 01-01-2013  

GO.Ms.No.134 Dt.5-6-13 APEWF state level comiti for provisions of APEWF Rules-1980  

GO.Ms.No.132 Dt.3-6-13 Fillling of vacant postsa through Direct Recruitment  

GO.Ms.No.126 Dt.29-5-13 GIS Tables for 2013-14  

GO.Ms.No.124 Dt.24-5-13 No necessity to submit proposals for APGLI Enhancement  

GO.Ms.No.119 Dt.17-5-13 Ban imposed on General Transfers  

GO.Ms.No.112 Dt.10-5-13 Eligibility of Basic Pay Reduced to Rs.18030 for Car Advance  

GO.Ms.No.34 Dt.3-5-13 Teachers Transfers Guidelines-Amendment orders  

GO.Ms.No.33 Dt.2-5-13 Regulation of TEachers Transfers Rules-2013  

GO.Rt.No.2124 Dt.30-4-13 interest rate Per annum on GPF,GIS,APGLI Reduced to 8.7%  

GO.Ms.No.100 Dt.22-4-13 Lifting of Ban on Employees Transfers  

GO.Ms.No.30 Dt.26-4-13 Procurment of Furniture to 355 Model Schools  

GO.Ms.No.25 Dt.4-4-13 Guidelines for selection of principals,PGTs,TGTs in Model Schools  

GO.Ms.No.129 Dt.30-3-13 service rules Amendment Age concession for SC,STs  

GO.Ms.No.18 Dt.13-3-13 Two Notional increments sanctioned to AIDED teachers  

GO.Rt.No.358 Dt.11-3-13 powers delegated to DSE to permit 1year lave to D.Ed trainees in spl circumstances  

GO.Ms.No.101 Dt.6-3-13 Amendment to seniority of AP Last Grade Employee Transferred from one Dept to another Dept  

GO.Ms.No.99 Dt.4-3-13 PHC Reservations- Amendment to AP subordinate service rules 1966  

GO.Ms.No.95 Dt.28-2-13 constitution of Pay Revision Commission  

GO.Ms.No.43 Dt.23-2-13,
10,917 Teacher posts sanctioned under RTE Act

GO.Ms.No.60 Dt.15-2-13 Medical Reimbursement facility extended to Municipal Tachers  

GO.Ms.No.17 Dt.11-2-13 procedure for admissions of students into Model Schools  

GO.Ms.No.48 Dt.8-2-13 payment of salaries to Municipal Employs/Teachers thru treasuries under 010  

GO.Rt.No.289 Dt:8-2-2013 RMSA sanction of Rs.137.36 crores under state share  

GO.Ms.No.26 Dt:5-2-2013 Provisional pension shall not be paid to Govt Servant who is convicted by a Criminal Court  

GO.Ms.No.82 Dt:4-2-2013 Professional Tax Amendments  

GO.Ms.No.22 Dt:22-01-2013 DA Arrears Amount credited under CSS(90%) should be paid in cash to employees(who apointed under CPS)  

GO.Ms.No.21 Dt:21-01-2013 APGLI Assistant Direcotrs are authorised to santion loans upto 50000/- & claims upto 100000/-  

GO.Ms.No.1837 Dt:27-12-2012 Enrolment of Health Cards Rs.35/- for each Employee & Rs.15 for each Dependent  

GO.Ms.No.343 Dt:22-12-2012 Gratuity will be sanctioned to the next in line beneficiary, if family pension beneficiary missed  

GO.Ms.No.341 Dt:21-12-2012 sanction of 1476 SA posts under Central Sponsored Scheme for Inclucisve Education for Disabled at Secondary Stage  

GO.Ms.No.336 Dt:20-12-2012 CPS deducted from employs who completed apprenticeship before 1-9-2004 should be transfered to GPF A/c  

GO.Rt.No.805 Dt:19-12-2012 constitution of committee to study the structure of School Education Dept  

GO.Ms.No.776 Dt:5-12-2012 permission to visit tamilnadu to study about TET+DSC  

GO.Ms.No.307 Dt:3-12-2012 counting EOL for sanction of notional increments and Pension  

GO.Rt.No.5363 Dt:22-11-2012 List of General & Optional Holidays in 2013 year  

GO.Ms.No.298 Dt:15-11-2012 Dearness Relief to pensioners  

GO.Ms.No.297 Dt:14-11-2012 DA Enhanced 5.992%, Total DA:47.936%  

GO.Ms.No.652 Dt:12-11-2012 Private D.Ed. collleges (117+4) for 2012-13 permission accorded  

GO.Ms.No.91 Dt:3-11-2012 Permission to complete DSC-2012 recruitment process  

GO.Ms.No.86 Dt:4-10-2012 Inter Dist Transfers Guidelines & Model Application Form  

GO.Ms.No.84 Dt:17-9-2012 HMs & MEOs can grant Maternity Leave of 180days to Feamale Teachers  

GO.Ms.No.355 Dt:11-9-2012 Muncipal Teachers New Head of A/Cs & permitting Health Cards  

GO.Ms.No.348 Dt:6-9-2012 Two Notoinal Increments to Muncipal Teachers  

GO.Ms.No.250 Dt:6-9-2012 DDOs are responsible for Deduction of CPS  

GO.Ms.No.245 Dt:4-9-2012 Certain Amendments to Pension Rules-1980  

GO.Ms.No.228 Dt:24-8-2012 Electronic Pension cum PF Final widrawal Application Guidelines  

GO.Ms.No.26 Dt:22-8-2012 Two Notionals for Tribal Welfare Dept Teachers  

GO.Rt.No.461 Dt:22-8-2012 setting up of state level Equity working groups according to RTE-2010  

GO.Ms.No.186 Dt:14-8-2012 Operational Guidelines for Employees Health Care Fund Scheme  

GO.Ms.No.184 Dt:14-8-2012 Employees Health Care Fund Scheme implementation  

GO.Ms.No.74 Dt:9-8-2012 Extension of sports reservation (2%)  

GO.Ms.No.63 Dt:26-7-2012 Compulsory Physical Education in schools  

GO.Ms.No.196 Dt:24-7-2012 Relese of Budget gowards Govt contribution for contributory pension scheme  

GO.Ms.No.62 Dt:23-7-2012 Revision of Text Books for the year 2012-13  

GO.Ms.No.181 Dt:10-7-2012 Ban on Transfers of Employees from 1-6-2012 to 10-7-2012  

GO.Ms.No.56 Dt:6-7-2012 All SGT vacancies shall be notified without Balocking  

GO.Ms.No.55 Dt:5-7-2012 iNCLUSION OF VIII class in UP Schools to implement RTE-2010 from 2012-13  

GO.Ms.No.178 Dt:4-7-2012 DA Enhance from 35.952% to 41.944% wef JAN-2012  

GO.Ms.No.330 Dt:28-6-2012 Upgradation of 46 MPUP & Govt UP schools in to High Schools  

GO.Ms.No.169 Dt:26-6-2012 Exatension of BAN on Transfers  

GO.Rt.No.321 Dt:25-6-2012 Enhancement of Mid Day Meals cost  

GO.Rt.No.2735 Dt:16-6-2012 PF rate of interest Enhanced from 8.6% to 8.8% for the financial yr 2012-13  

GO.Ms.No.38 Dt:16-6-2012 Teachers Transfers Guidelines  

GO.Ms.No.421 dt.11-06-2012 Social Welfare Dept-Teaching,Non Teaching Staff Approval of Transfers Guidelines  

GO.Ms.No.151 Dt:8-6-2012 Payment of Enhanced gratuity to pensiners  

GO.Ms.No.148 Dt:6-6-2012 APGIS interest rate enhance to 8.6%. Revised GIS Tables  

GO.Ms.No.146 Dt:1-6-2012 Lifting Ban on Transfers  

GO.Ms.No.131 Dt:14-5-2012 Enhancement of existing ceiling of Loans sanctioned by APEWF  

GO.Ms.No. 200 Dt:10-5-12 Payment of salaries to municipal/corporation teachers thru treasuries under 010  

GO.Rt.No. 2425 Dt:10-5-12 Enhancement of interest rate from 8% to 8.6% on GPF & APGLI  

GO.Ms.No. 23 Dt:31-3-12 Contingency charges enhanced from Rs.2/- to Rs.5/- per candidate for SSC exam  

GO.Ms.No. 82 Dt:29-3-12 TG Employs strike period treated as EL  

GO.Rt.No. 1228 Dt:28-3-12 Rs.60 Crores matching fund from Govt towards CPS  

GO.Ms.No. 70 Dt:21-3-12 HOA of RMSA posts  

GO.Ms.No. 25 Dt:2-2-12 New DA (enhanced from 29.96% to 35.952%) wef 1-7-2011  

GO.Ms.No. 4 Dt:9-1-12 Rules of Recruitment & Qualification for DSC-2012  

GO.Ms.No. 7 Dt:9-1-12 RMSA posts (70%-promotions) & (30%-Direct Recruitment)  

GO.Ms.No. 3 Dt:7-1-12 Sanction of 9569 SA posts under RMSA  

GO.Ms.No. 171 Dt:30-12-11 Remuneration to the persons involved in the conduct of examinations and spot valuation(APOSS)  

GO.Ms.No. 170 Dt:30-12-11 Exemptions to the PH candidates appearing for the SSC & Inter(APOSS)  

GO.Ms.No. 925 Dt:29-12-11 Relaxation of Min qualification with 7th class in tribal areas Selection of Village Coordinators  

GO.Ms.No. 169 Dt:29-12-11 Adoption of NCERT Text Books for VIII,IX,X classes from 2013-14 yr  

GO.Ms.No. 72 Dt:21-12-11 Age Concession in favour of SCs & STs for the purpose of Direct Recruitment  

GO.Ms.No. 654 Dt:13-12-11 Not to depute Teachers as PAs to MLAs & MLCs  

GO.Ms.No. 254 Dt:3-12-11 sanction of 12,351 posts at State, District in 355 Model Schools  

GO.Ms.No. 632 Dt:30-11-11 Release of 72 crores Census Amount  

GO.Ms.No. 279 Dt:26-11-11 SWF can be paid by online  

GO.Ms.No. 162 Dt:18-11-11 Permission accorded to notify & fillup 968 posts in APREIS  

GO.Ms.No. 159 Dt:16-11-11 Permission accorded to notify & fillup 11,139 posts thru new DSC  

GO.Ms.No. 602 Dt:01-11-11 Dept Test duration only TWO hours  

GO.Ms.No. 152 Dt:01-11-11 Limited Recruitment of SGTs (Urdu Medium)  

GO.Ms.No. 151 Dt:28-10-11 strike period salary will be paid to Telangana Teachers  

GO.Ms.No. 319 Dt:27-10-11 Jawahar Bala Arogya Raksha - School Health Referral Guidelines  

GO.Ms.No. 488 Dt:25-10-11 Two Notional Increments sanctioned to Municipal Teachers  

GO.Ms.No. 591 Dt:20-10-11 Dept Test Results anounced in APPSC website only  

GO.Ms.No.42 Dt:19-10-11 3% Reservation in promotions for all catogories of disabled  

GO.Ms.No.757 Dt:13-10-2011 constitution of committee to Revise the Elementary cycle & upgrade all UP schools up to 8th Class  

GO.Ms.No.758 Dt:13-10-2011 Register the KGBV society under the Societies Act of Andhra Pradesh to run all 743 KGBVs in AP  

GO.Ms.No.226 Dt:29-9-2011 interest at 8% per annum on CPS contributions for period 01-09-2004 to 31-03-2011  

GO.Ms.No.130 Dt:9-9-11 RTE Amendment (Penality if Result below 60%)  

GO.Ms.No.134 Dt:16-9-11 Strikes Prohibited in AP Residential Institutions Scociety- Hyderabad, Vizag  

GO.Ms.No.135 Dt:16-9-11 Strikes Prohibited in AP Residential Institutions Scociety for 6 months  

GO.Ms.No.22 Dt:02-7-11 BCs age limit extended from 28 to 34yrs for govt jobs  

GO.Ms.No.45 Dt:28-6-11 Tribal Welfare Sub Ordinate Service Rules  

Memo NO.14781 Dt:22-6-11 Surrender ELs for the year 2011-12 (valid Memo for every year)  

GO.Ms.No.69 Dt:27-5-11 TWO Notionals to Untrained(SC,ST,BC) & Spl. VVs  

GO.Ms.No.98 Dt:21-5-11 Permission to travel anywhere in India on LTC once in entire service  

GO.Ms.No.96 Dt:20-5-11 Automatic Advancement Scheme(6/12/18/24)  

GO.Ms.No.65 Dt:19-5-11 General Rules relating to Regulation of Transfers  

GO.Rt.No.419 Dt:17-5-11 SSC Absolute Grading  

GO.Rt.No.420 Dt:17-5-11 Revised Mid Day Meals Cooking cost  

GO.Ms.No.60 Dt:16-5-11 Norms for Rationlisation of Schools, Posts & Staff-Modification orders  

GO.Ms.No.93 Dt:14-5-11 Lifting of Ban on Transfers  

Rc.1570 Dt:10-5-11 Additional Guidelines for Rationalisation  

DSE Rc.No.69 Dt:28-4-2011 Apprentice period treating as qualifying service for pension  

DSE Rc.No.1570 Dt:26-4-2011 Rationalisation on/before 05.05.2011  

GO.Ms.No. 55 Dt:23-4-2011 Norms for Rationalisation  

GO.Ms.No. 51 Dt:16-4-2011 Guidelines for conducting TET  

GO.Ms.No. 50 Dt:16-4-2011 Permission for Urdu Medium 96 SGT post of DSC-06 & 227SGT post of DSC-08  

GO.Ms.No. 177 Dt:13-4-2011 Action to be taken on employs who participate in STRIKES  

GO.Ms.No. 59 Dt:11-4-2011 Enhancement of HRA from 12.5% to 14.5% & 10% to 12%  

GO.Ms.No. 280 Dt:11-4-2011 Constitution of a Committee to formulate guidelines for TET  
GO.Ms.No. 54 Dt:6-4-2011 Revised insterest rate on GIS for the period 1-4-11 to 31-3-2012  
GO.Ms.No. 23 Dt:1-4-2011 Andhra Pradesh Tribal Welfare Educational Service Rules  
GO.Ms.No. 52 Dt:1-4-2011 (45 Days Spl Leave for Hysterectomy operation)  
GO.Ms.No. 51 Dt:1-4-2011 (Retirement Gratuity enhanced from 7lakhs to 8lakhs)  
GO.Ms.No. 68 Dt:28-3-2011 (No 10% cutting on Medical Reimbursement)  
GO.Ms.No. 38 Dt:24-3-2011 (English as a 2nd language in 1st class from 2011-12)  
GO.Ms.No. 28 Dt:1-4-2011 (HRA & CCA while on leave of all kinds)  
GO.Ms.No. 29 Dt:9-3-2011 (HRA & CCA while on leave on grounds cancer, heart, Mental illness, Leprosy)  
GO.Ms.No. 25 Dt:3-3-2011 (APGLI for Muncipal Employees except GHMC & GVMC)